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Ok, this is cheating, but what the hell?

Spiders I can understand. I may be scared of them, but at least I know roughly what to expect. crawly things with legs and eyes and jaws and eek.
But then I went into the kitchen and saw this slithering about on the floor. What the hell?

So, large spider vs slug. Which would win? Who eats who? No way a spider could catch a slug in it’s web, but some have a nasty poison which could take a slug out. Or would the slug overpower the spider? Slither over and crush it under it’s weight?

Next time I shall attempt to arrange a match. Is spiderslug fighting illegal? If this blog is taken down in the near future, you’ll know why.

Scaryness: 1. Apart from the shock value of seeing it in my kitchen, it didn’t set my heart racing too much. In theory I could slip over it, like a banana skin. That’s mildly worrying.


Bedroom 2


Another sort of spider!

One with short fat legs, not long thin ones. Or long fat ones. But short fat ones. Like the kid from the The Krankees who’s really a woman.

Unlike The Krankees, this spider isn’t a swinger. I’ve not spied it descending upon a thread. It stayed high above on the ceiling. Which is more worrying than the wall, as I’m always thinking that the spider feet will become unstuck and it’ll topple down upon my head.

Scaryness: 7. It’s not very big, but it’s thickness makes it more intimidating. Oh, sorry, wrong blog. This spider is a bit scary!


Stairway 2

The other longtime lurker in the top corners of the stairway, this long-legged/armed/fingered/toed beast has been hanging out for a while, watching things happen and generally not being too horrible. But that’s because it’s up on high, out of my way. The size of this photo doesn’t really do justice to the thing, as my zoom/focus/lighting combo couldn’t really get it too full in the frame. This thing is pretty damn huge. Look at it’s knuckles! and the two big front things!

It looks more like a shrimp. Though probably not as tasty.

Scaryness: 5. Nice and high, but if it lowered itself, my reflexes would make me smash it’s tiny shrimp mind.


Bedroom 1

High above the curtains, where the wall meets the ceiling lies a creature of million legs and a thousand eyes.
That’s not true, bt makes it sound a bit scarier. This thing is quite medium-sized, though with longer legs than average. It’s been around here for a few weeks now, and seems quite happy where it is.

Perhaps hopeful that flies will come in the window and get stuck in it’s web. A plan which would work, if it had a web. But it doesn’t. Stupid spider.

I may wake up tomorrow encased.

Scaryness: 4. Not too big, and not too close, but if it lowered itselfin the night I’d shit myself.