So, I managed to get myself out of my hiding place, gaze past the myriad evil beasts in the house and see that there’s sun outside! (This was written when there was actually sun outside).


A-gambolling through the fields and forests, I was, excited and relieved to be free of the tyranny of the arachnid hordes. Then a terrifying sight caught my eye. That familiar white lacey net of death. a web.
They have spiders outside now. Nowhere is safe.


So, I took a few pics, and will be sprinkling a few of these bastards in throughout the next week or so.

Exhibit A is above. A medium-sized little beastie sat in the middle of it’s web. So deceitful is this one, it can’t even bring itself to face me. Only a coward refuses to meet with his accuser. And when you have as many eyes as this thing, that’s quite an achievement. If you look closely you can see it even appears to be drooling. Get yourself a tissue, you horrible thing!

Scaryness: 6. Not huge, but you wouldn’t want to be walking nude in the forest, go between two trees, get caught in it’s web and have it scurrying up and down your naked sun-kissed flesh, it’s legs causing minor tickles of pleasure as they brush every folicle of soft downy hair upon your body.

Or maybe you would, you sick pervert.