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Stairway 2

The other longtime lurker in the top corners of the stairway, this long-legged/armed/fingered/toed beast has been hanging out for a while, watching things happen and generally not being too horrible. But that’s because it’s up on high, out of my way. The size of this photo doesn’t really do justice to the thing, as my zoom/focus/lighting combo couldn’t really get it too full in the frame. This thing is pretty damn huge. Look at it’s knuckles! and the two big front things!

It looks more like a shrimp. Though probably not as tasty.

Scaryness: 5. Nice and high, but if it lowered itself, my reflexes would make me smash it’s tiny shrimp mind.



Bedroom 1

High above the curtains, where the wall meets the ceiling lies a creature of million legs and a thousand eyes.
That’s not true, bt makes it sound a bit scarier. This thing is quite medium-sized, though with longer legs than average. It’s been around here for a few weeks now, and seems quite happy where it is.

Perhaps hopeful that flies will come in the window and get stuck in it’s web. A plan which would work, if it had a web. But it doesn’t. Stupid spider.

I may wake up tomorrow encased.

Scaryness: 4. Not too big, and not too close, but if it lowered itselfin the night I’d shit myself.








Ok. Enough shouty ranty capitals. Most of that photo has scrolled up and out of my vision.


Tonight. I’d had the idea of this blog for a few days. Then I went to get a glass of water. And this appears, roughly shoulder-height, on the kitchen wall.

My camera isn’t the best, though it’s not terrible. But I can’t do brilliant close-up shots. Which means that this thing has to be HUGE for me to get the detail on it that you can see in this photo. Even using a slightly zoomed lense to get better detail, I still had to hold my hand pretty damn close to it to get the picture. Only my attempts at being a detatched photographer kept me from freaking out.

Only my attempts at being a wussy liberal kept me from killing that thing dead the instant I saw it. That’s not true. I also wouldn’t know how to dispose of the body. I’d have to get a couple of bin bags, put them in my boot and escort them to a field burial in the dark of the night.

The thought that it’s still somewhere within this house makes me squirm. And tuck my shirt back into my jeans, just in case something were to crawl up the sofa.

Scaryness: 8/10. It’s not actually a tarantula. It didn’t jump on my face. These are not great comforts. Somehow I’m supposed to sleep tonight.


An immigrant, like myself, new to this foreign land with it’s strange and scary indiginous population.

Three weeks after moving in I decided my room needed a greener hue. A nice leafy plant in the corner arrived shortly, with this petite passenger as an unexpected stowaway.

Too small to worry too much about, I thought, as I shined the waxy leaves, careful to not wreck the web too much.

Two weeks later it remains, keeping a low profile, trying to not upset the neighbours.


Scaryness: 2/10. Too small to be terrifying. Likes green plants. Doesn’t wander. I almost like it.

Stairway 1

I have in my hand a piece of paper.

I don’t, but this is the medium-large co-signee of a deal conceived and written entirely in my mind. You stay up there, I’ll stay down here, and we won’t bother each other too much.

So far this particular individual has stayed way above my stairway. Even if I wanted to crush it, I couldn’t. I have nothing long enough to poke up that high. Hence the mold/rot in the corner of the wall there.

Scaryness rating: 4. Would be higher if it decided to come down and lurk at head height.



The shower.


One of the first to show itself. This mid-sized atrocity scuttled behind the shower curtain as I turned the shower on. It went high, I had nothing to hand to swat it with. It survived.

In the corner behind the shower curtain it stayed, where it’s now formed its home. It doesn’t stray. It knows what’s good for it.

Scare factor: 4/10