hanging around

Hi there, what you guys up to? Me? Oh nothing much, just hanging around. Hey, you’ve not got any flies on you have you? Someone told me I could score some out here, but I’ve been here an hour and the place is dry. I really need some flies, man. Like, really. It’s been a couple of days now and I’m starting to get the shakes. Yeah, I know I should cut down and I will. I will. Hey, don’t you think it’s suddenly much colder? You not cold? I’ve got this furry coat on and I’m freezing. I shouldn’t be out here, man.

You sure you’ve not seen any flies round here? You got any on you? You’ve got some haven’t you? Where are they? You holding out on me? Crash us a fly, go on. go on. go on. go on. Oh ok you’ve not. Fine, don’t be like that, I was only asking.

You know somewhere better for flies? You not into them anymore? What? You used to be all about the flies. You got me onto them back in the day. What you on now then? Moths? yeah, I’ve tried them a few times, bit too wingy for me. Beetles? Wow, that’s hardcore, man. Nah, I’m not touching that stuff. I’ll stick to flies for now thanks. If I can ever find any in this town.

Hey, if this block’s empty, what are you doing here? Just passing through? You know, you guys look kinda suspicious you know. You’re not undercover are you? You know it’s illegal for you to say you’re not undercover if you are actually undercover. You could go to jail. I’m helping you here.You look undercover. No? Well, if you’re not can you beat it. I’ll see you around. I think you’re scaring off the flies out here, looking all undercover and stuff.

Scaryness: 4 Just hanging around. Why you asking? You sure you’re not undercover?