shed 7

Remember when we first met? It was a thursday night and It was raining out. I’d just started to warm up in the corner when you came in with water dripping everywhere. I was with my friends at the time, though I can’t recall their names now. You’d just moved in round the corner somewhere. I kept an eye on you as you found a space amongst the crowd. Wednesday nights were always busy back then, as there wasn’t much else to do. My friends were busy discussing themselves. Several had families already, the others enraptured by their tales. I nodded along, but was only half listening. No Romance sold unto Could so enthrall a Woman as the perusal of Her Individual One. You were shaking your hair dry, making a mess of the carpet before apologising to the landlord. You pretended to have not seen me looking. My friends tried to get me back in the conversation. It wasn’t the done thing back then to be so forward, so I sat there, with my thoughts drifting far ahead between nudges to wake me up. Then further on, out again. I remember even having the thought I’d be here someday. I just knew.

The place gradually emptied when the rain stopped. You didn’t look directly in this direction till a few of my group got up to leave. A brief check to see if you’d misjudged things. Eventually there were just two of us left in this corner, and you and your friend in yours. Still you’d not even met my eye, so my friend stormed over there, grabbed your friend’s hand and marched over to the door. “Let’s leave them to it shall we?” She flourished. We looked at the door slowly closing, then briefly to each other before laughing and gazing down to the floor. Before the doubts in my mind could fully form you walked across and sat opposite me. You introduced yourself and offered a formal shake. I looked up and watched as your hand enclosed mine. Impossibly warm, the room shrank. Every absense subsumed.

I blinked for a second, enraptured.

I opened my eyes and you were gone. Thankyou.