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midnight hour

From the wall the route is clear. Straight lines. Down. Across. Up. Keep to the right and there’ll be no trace but the line you’ve stretched across. Use that to get back quicker if you need to, though you shouldn’t be detected. These operations are rarely planned to precision, they unfold naturally and are adaptable depending on the nature of the terrain. Always have an eye on each available corner and each possible entrance. Keep away from the light and the space. You need to think between your feet. When the door is shut and the bulbs are cool, we begin.

The world does not end with the dawning of each night, or the ending of your time. Your eyes do not cause our existence.

Your philosophies do not define us.

Your hatred does not kill us.

Your structures do not hold us.

Your world does not concern us.

We will always be here, somewhere.

You will not.


Scaryness: Irrelevant.



So, finally Mr Spider, we have you on camera.

This beastie, hiding in the dark, is one of the first horrors that I saw after moving in here. I’ve seen it most days since I’ve been here, but as it lives outside my kitchen window and only comes out to play after the sun has gone down it’s been a tad tricky to get a decent photo. Must be shy.

Scaryness: 6. If you squint, this one looks a bit like a skull. Which is worrying. And the huge bod also has quite an eek factor, but it’s home is on the other side of my kitchen window, and I don’t have to see it during the daylight hours, so that helps bring the rating down a bit. If it moves inside for the winter, I may have to move out.