Ok, this is cheating, but what the hell?

Spiders I can understand. I may be scared of them, but at least I know roughly what to expect. crawly things with legs and eyes and jaws and eek.
But then I went into the kitchen and saw this slithering about on the floor. What the hell?

So, large spider vs slug. Which would win? Who eats who? No way a spider could catch a slug in it’s web, but some have a nasty poison which could take a slug out. Or would the slug overpower the spider? Slither over and crush it under it’s weight?

Next time I shall attempt to arrange a match. Is spiderslug fighting illegal? If this blog is taken down in the near future, you’ll know why.

Scaryness: 1. Apart from the shock value of seeing it in my kitchen, it didn’t set my heart racing too much. In theory I could slip over it, like a banana skin. That’s mildly worrying.